How to Improve Your creditworthiness?

When we are trying to get a loan from a bank, we have to take into account that a representative of a banking institution will take our financial standing under the microscope. The bank takes into account not only the borrower’s income, but also all expenses and on this basis calculates financial capacity. However, income and expenses are not the only criteria. What counts is the credit history, what type of contract we are employed for, and the size of the city in which we live. We do not affect all of these parameters. However, thanks to those on which we have influence, we can raise our financial credibility in the eyes of a bank representative.

When examining our financial standing, the banking institution will pay attention to whether we have a credit card and whether we have a financial limit in your personal account. If we do not need a credit card, it’s best to get rid of it because it reduces our creditworthiness. The bank may recognize that we are ready to take another loan using a credit card. The same is true for the limit – if we do not want to completely abandon it, perhaps we can even lower it somewhat.

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An additional burden on the household budget is undoubtedly other financial liabilities, such as installments of other loans. If we plan to take out a housing loan, it is best to refrain from taking other, smaller loans from the bank, especially if we want to get the amount we want. In the case where we pay back other installments, it is worth considering consolidation, which would significantly improve our financial capacity.

You can also improve your financial performance while applying for a loan. It is enough to extend the repayment period, which is a beneficial solution for both parties. The bank will then charge more interest, and we, as the borrower, will be able to pay a smaller installment for a longer period. If we want to get more credit, then we should choose a longer repayment period.

When applying for a loan, we must remember that the bank will verify our history at Database. For this reason, it is worth trying to make it as good as possible. To do this it is best to take a small loan from time to time and pay it back dutifully. It is also worth remembering that the lack of credit history does not work in our favor and most often banks are distrustful towards the borrower with such a history. Before we apply for a housing loan, it is best to check on your own how our history in Database presents itself. Sometimes it happens that the reports say something different than it actually is and then the data should be corrected.

If we are aware of the fact that our financial capacity is not enough to obtain a loan, it is worth considering taking a commitment together with other family members. In this way, we will not only be able to take a larger loan, but also the banking institution will better perceive our request with additional security. We must remember, however, that one of the criteria the bank takes into account is age, so it is better to take a loan together with your sister or brother than with your parents. Otherwise, the loan term can be significantly shortened.